Monday, 19 March 2012

BPD & SEI Sanitation Entrepreneurs Series: Introduction

Interest in market-based approaches to solving development challenges continues to grow. Yet while smaller, local entrepreneurs are fairly commonplace, workable modus operandi for engaging them in sanitation up-scaling and service improvement are still being sought.   Recent work by BPD, SEI, WASTE and others has shown that numerous diverse entrepreneurs offer a range of sanitation services to communities, often with only limited oversight or support from public bodies, NGOs and others.  

  • Can efforts to spread market-based approaches to sustainable, socially acceptable and economically viable sanitation services in developing countries be scaled-up? 
  • What can be learned about the important brokering role that must take place if sanitation entrepreneurship is to ever really take off? 
  • Can the sanitation ‘business’ model develop more predictability, simplicity and rigour (especially in the eyes of bankers and small business consultants)?

This series of BPD and SEI blog posts, prepared by David Schaub-Jones, reflects on these questions currently facing the sector.  Over the coming month, a thought-provoking blog will be published weekly culminating in an overview paper on where we are now and where the sector is going in relation to this important topic.  

Join us in this conversation; we welcome your comments and feedback!

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